Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Special: I Love Lists!

1. I love a good laugh. This was just the thing to do it.
2. Amazing Italian stylist Anna Dello Russo's collection debuted at H&M this week!
3. My very awesome friend, Blythe, wrote a very awesome article on David Foster Wallace and the art of comedy. Way to be a published author! 
4. How to build a wardrobe! Hopefully this will tame my impulse spending...
5. Speaking of which... this site is all about how to trim your spending. There are some amazing websites here.
6. I ADORE these wedding materials. So fresh!
7. Ahhh!! I want to swim in this... Then drink it all up.
8. Anthropologie-inspired DIY's? Did I read that right!?
9. I just finished making these... the best Fall cookie recipe.
11. Take a look at my favorite blogger's design collection on ModCloth! I ordered this top!


  1. New list :), I'm off to check them out, I've started to enjoy your lists.

  2. I love doing these posts. Hope you enjoy it!


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