Monday, July 16, 2012

Meandering Mondays: Around Here

Would you think less of me if I told you that I slept in until 11 a.m. today? ... Well, I did. I had a very busy weekend, full of work and spending time with family. But you will hear more about that later in the week.

On my reading pile: Still reading Pride and Prejudice. I also got a new Marie Claire magazine that I'll be reading. Borrowed a book called French Essence, which is all about French countryside decorating, living, and eating.

On my tv: Probably won't be watching much shows this week. I have a pretty full work schedule, but we'll see what happens.

On the menu this week:  Again, I work evenings everyday this week, so I won't be cooking too much :( Today we're heading over to our friend's house and there might be food, but other than that... fast food, pizza, and who knows what else...

On my to-do list: Get some more thesis reading done. I did a TON of thrifting this weekend, which means that I need to go through and weed out unwanted items and clean up a bit. I live in a small apartment so if something comes in, something needs to go out.

What I am creating: Keeping up with my new plants and working on a couple Etsy jobs. I have two programs I need to make for customers. 

Tips and Tricks: Use grapeseed or canola oil when frying or cooking meats over high heat. They cook well without setting off your fire alarm!

Looking around my house: Luis just got home from work, kitty is running around, hyper because Luis is home and she's excited.

From the camera:  This is a project I finished last night. I went to this amazing antique shop with my mom-in-law and found these old crates. I saw on another blogger's home tour that she used a crate to store shoes in her living room and I really liked the idea. I couldn't believe that I found two!

I put out a little basket to throw our keys and other random object in it, and a mason jar for loose change.

Can you tell I love wedges? I have three pairs alone here...

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Oh my goodness I love those crates. I love the idea of antique shopping, although I'm a little weird about having other people's things (it's something I'm desperately trying to get over since I love vintage. Haha!) I don't know what a good deal is as opposed to a not good deal though.

    What is your thesis on?

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. Thank you, Liz! I'm still trying to become a savvy antique/vintage shopper, but I just go on my intuition. If I feel like I might be paying too much, I make the seller an offer. Usually they will negotiate with you, at which point you usually feel better about your purchase. The crates were originally listed at $8 each, which I was willing to pay, but she gave them to me two for $10. Not bad :)

      For my thesis, I am exploring how the characters in Pride and Prejudice misread one another and consistently fail at communicating properly (until the end). For example, Darcy is misunderstood by Elizabeth, and Mrs. Bennet views her world entirely wrong. It's very interesting :)
      Have a great week, as well!

  2. Love the crates, great idea :)

  3. What a great deal on those crates! That's awesome.

    What an interesting thesis. I love that. I had to read the book in high school and didn't understand it. I would really love to go back and read it again now that I'm not being forced to read it. Haha!

  4. I love this post idea... great way to kind of round up all that's going on. I might have to borrow it sometime soon! :)

    1. Hi Shaina, thanks for stopping by! Feel free to borrow! It's a fun way to start the week :)


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