Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Week in My Life: Week 7

Here's a glimpse into this past week!

I went to my folk's to celebrate Father's Day. My dad is an avid gardener/landscaper and spends his free time cultivating his yard. My parents live on about 5 acres of land (I believe my numbers are correct...) so my dad has plenty of space to plant and spruce and trim. I'm jealous. Above is his Japanese Maple. I've turned the leaves over because in the fall the leaf's underside turns a deep orange. 

My attempts at indoor gardening have been an...experience. I live in apartment that doesn't have a balcony/patio or anything, so I have to really improvise to get my plants enough light. My hypoestes and primrose have done very well, as have my succulents. Sadly, my beloved thyme plant is getting very ill and I predict it will soon die... Does anyone have any advise on how to revive it??

Sometimes I stay up late perusing the world of blogs and such, and usually my kitty stays up with me. She gets really comfy on my husbands desk chair and she just looks so cute. 

If you haven't already heard (seen), I made butter this week! It was pretty neat. If you want to read more, go here.

In more exciting news, Luis and I went to Milwaukee this week! I blogged about that trip here.

I rearranged my jewelry box this week. I'll have to share that in a separate post. Look at all that craziness! 

On Friday, I spent some time with my mother-in-law, Elsie. We went to this lovely tea restaurant called Infini-tea for lunch and tea. If you live near Antioch, Illinois and have not been here, you must go! Their food is delectable, tea delicious, and the atmosphere is perfect for mulling things over a cup of tea. We ended up buying a few bags of tea to take home and enjoy ourselves. Above is a tea flavor called Cocoa Orange= so good! Afterwards, we went shopping to a vintage treasure trove and walked out of there with about 4 bags of treasures! Hehe

We got some dessert to go, and this is a piece of Orange Dreamsicle cake! I forgot to mention that Infini-tea also has a gluten free menu!

Every year, Zion, Illinois, hosts a "festival" of sorts called Nostalgia Days. They invite everyone to come and get a taste of the "olden days". Vendors come and sell food, crafts, and anything else you can think of. But the crowning jewel is the old car cruise through Zion's main street. We went out to see a few of the cars. I loved the blue Mustang, above. 

And then, of course, a few people took it upon themselves to show off their souped-up cars...

We got a pizza for dinner tonight... It was so big that we had to cut it half in order to fit it in our oven... It tasted pretty delicious though!

What were some of your week's highlights?

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