Friday, June 22, 2012

Pattern Photo Walk

During our visit to Milwaukee this past week, I was attracted to all of the brick and stone that I saw around me. The patterns that each stone made as they lay next to each other, the sun sometimes catching one stone differently than its neighbor. 

That got me interesting it capturing as many pattern photos as I could. Patterns are one of my favorite things to shoot. It's one reason I love doing flower photography; the symmetry, the clean lines, the beauty of the arrangement. My blog is the place I go to document my inspiration, so I wanted to share some of the patterns I found. 

What inspires you? 


  1. Your photography is stunning. I'm definitely jealous of your skill.

    I usually love going downtown in different cities and taking picture of old, historic buildings and landmarks.

  2. Thank you so much Caity!

    What's better than going to an unknown place and enjoying it through photographs? I can't think of much... Maybe good food!


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