Thursday, June 21, 2012

Easy Homemade Honey Butter

Other than today, the only time I'd ever made butter was in the fourth grade when my teacher wanted to show us what happens when the fat is removed from milk. They gave us baby food jars, a few tablespoons of milk and told us to start shaking! 

About a half an hour later, we had made butter. I was really excited that I made butter just for shaking it like a maraca. 

One of the bloggers I follow, Sandra, made homemade butter on her "Cooking Thursday" post and I decided to try it out myself. Instead of making regular butter, I decided to add honey to it at the end, instead of salting it. Follow along for the recipe!

All you are going to need is 16 oz. (or two cups) of heavy cream and a mason jar, or some other jar that seals tightly. 

Pour the cream into the jar and seal, making sure that it's on tightly. To be safe, I wrapped a paper towel around the seal to catch any possible leaks. 

The next step is to simply start shaking. Make sure that you have enough room for the cream to expand when it gets foamy. On my first try, I had to switch it to a larger jar. The cream will expand and cover the inside of the jar. Eventually it will start to turn into a whipped cream substance and pull away from the sides of the jar. 

Soon after, you will see the butter solid and buttermilk separate from each other.

At this point you want to drain the buttermilk from the butter solid. I decided to save the buttermilk because it can be used for other recipes like pancakes, or even making creme fraiche! 

When the butter is separated from the buttermilk, rinse the solid with cold water. This further separates any remaining buttermilk, allowing the butter solid to last for a longer period of time before going bad. I.e. it's very important! Then I added some honey to my butter, but again, you can add salt, or leave it plain if you prefer. 

Now you're all set to enjoy your homemade butter. Happy shaking!

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