Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Week in My Life: Week 6

Here's what the past week looked like for me. 

Luis and I went to the beach to relax. It was the most perfect day, a gentle breeze, and hot sand. We brought some snacks and books, chatted and soaked in some sunlight. 

On Tuesday, we got dressed up and went out to celebrate my in-law's wedding anniversary. My father-in-law, Angel, took us to a restaurant called Zapatista where they had the most amazing Mexican cuisine. I didn't take a photo of the food (although I wanted to) but Luis and I both got a bowl of lobster bisque for starters. I cannot attempt to describe the perfection of this dish. It was served with chunks of lobster. For dinner I ordered citrus-marinated tilapia on wilted spinach and citrus pico de gallo. They poured a coconut-curry sauce all over the dish. 
For dessert, I had carmelized plantains that was served in a bowl of sweet cream, ice cream, and a shot of tequila en flambee. SO DELICIOUS!

On our drive back home from the restaurant, the sun was setting.  I love how the skyline looks behind the telephone poles and towers. 

It was another wedding-filled week, complete with everything that comes with it. I had the pleasure of making the programs for my best friend, Alyssa's wedding. I used my two favorite fonts: Ostrich Sans, and Lobster 1.3. I'm kind of a font geek... 

My cat likes to be super-involved in everything Luis and I do. I gave my apartment a deep-clean this week. I'm talking about being on my hands and knees, scrubbing and scouring. When I made my way to start cleaning the bathroom, she had already been relaxing in here and pretty much told me to come back later... She's sassy like that. 

It was a busy week so I didn't have much time to do much home-cooking. We had to bust out the Stouffer's... 

...and the Ramen noodles...

I got my June Birchbox in the mail on Thursday! This month's theme was "Jet Set" so it was products that are great for summer road trips and traveling. Starting from the top, I got a rose water facial toner and freshener by Melvita; I was given Band-Aids that had been designed by fashion designer Cynthia Rowley; the little glass vial is a sample of men's cologne by John Varvatos, who I love. I've been meaning to get a Varvatos cologne for Luis, so I gave it to him, naturally. In the red tube is lip/cheek stain by Stainiac; I received a liquid eyeliner pen from Eyeko; finally, a tube of moisturizing skin cream by major Japanese label Yu-Be. Very exciting :)

This is me and my best friend, Kelsey, who got married two weeks ago! We met to write the co-matron of honor speech for our bestie Alyssa's wedding. We got a little distracted from speech-writing and got some chai tea (a smoothie for me) and talked honeymooning and married life. No worries, we eventually wrote a great speech. 

Alyssa's wedding was on Friday. We woke up bright and early and went to the salon to get our hair done, then went to the church to finish getting ready. She decorated the flats she wore herself with red glitter! 
I cannot believe that the three of us are married... It seems like last week we were graduating from high school...

I just took this picture of my sleepy cat. It's a lazy Saturday here, for us. So here she sleeps, right by my side. 

Wishing you all a lovely day!


  1. I love the black and white photo of just Alyssa in your collage. So classy!

  2. I was so excited to see that someone commented on my blog!! Yay! Haha. Thank you :)

  3. Love the shoes Alyssa wore. I didn't see them at the wedding. Love the photo of you three girls. I still fondly remember how you guys were excited about your band rings in 8th grade. :)

    Time goes by way too fast!!!!

    Love you!

    Kelsey's Mom


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