Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Special: I Love Lists!

I wasn't able to create my weekly list until 11:59 on Sunday, so technically this post is a Monday special, but come on. Let's not be that technical.

Here was this week's goodness. 

2. Some of these photos made me pretty choked up.
3. I stalk this blog daily. Sister duo, Elsie and Emma, seriously know how to dress.
4. I can't get enough of this font. I use it on everything! (Free download included!)
5. I met one of my favorite bloggers this weekend. Check her out here!
6. If you blog about food, or even occasionally photograph food on your blog, this is a must read.
7. I'm SO tempted to order a box of these macarons. One of these days I'm going to cave...
8. I love memes. Especially when they involve Gotye... teehee!
9. Baubles? I like baubles... And bright colors...
10. I love a good foreign band. I introduce Timid Tiger to you, fresh from Germany.

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