Sunday, June 23, 2013

How Will You Be Following Everyday Elise After July 1st?

Yes, yes, the time has come for a shameless plug. But seriously, after July 1st, you'll no longer be able to use Google Reader to follow your favorite blogs.

Don't wait until the last minute to round up the blogs you read, lazy bones! You can pop over to Bloglovin', or find me rambling on Facebook or Twitter.

And here are some links to some pretty amazing stuff. The internet can be a great place, right?
1. I had a huge grin on my face when I read this spread featuring the different cuisines of the world, perfected by grandma's from each culture! Amazing.
2. This blogger dressed up her daughter and nephew as a mini Sam and Suzy from Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom!" Her photos are beyond adorable, and the kiddo's are fantastic models.
3. Sometimes adulthood doesn't suck.
4. Three words that should always go together? Barbeque comfort meatballs. *drool*
5. There's nothing infantile about these hair clips. I'm talking leather and metal.
6. Let's be honest, we love freebies and printables. I love these printable vintage botanical images.
7. Ever since I discovered this website, it's become a well-spring of knowledge on living healthy. This recipe for a wellness "shot" has already warded off a few colds I felt coming. Try it!
8. This is a great article on handling the massive changes in life.


  1. Just followed you via Bloglovin' and GFC! EEK! I can't believe such a big change is coming to blogger. I hope the community and interaction still remains the same. Thank you for following my blog and for your sweet comment! I love your button on the right, my initial are EE...finding your blog was meant to be! ;)


  2. I'm safe! Already following on Bloglovin' :) Love your blog Elise!


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