Thursday, June 27, 2013

25 Before 25

There's something about the summer that brings out the adventurer in me; suddenly, it seems like anything is possible. All of that warm weather and sunshine kind of goes to my head. This summer, it's my goal to spend as much time outside, doing different things, as much as I can. But that got me thinking about life's larger timelines. Life moves so quickly sometimes. The other night, I was with my two best friends, one of whom is about to have a baby (like in the next week!) and I couldn't help but look at the three of us and be happy at where time has brought us; all of the change, trials, and wonderful moments that we have encountered.

Recent events in my own life have made me thankful and appreciative of any spare time that I have. Sometimes I adapt to change very slowly... What ails me now will seem so simple in a few years, but for now I can't help but feeling overwhelmed. But, I find that change becomes less daunting by dreaming up exciting plans and goals to go alongside all of the unknown.

That being said, I turn 25 in two years and there's so much that I want to accomplish and do in life. But I decided to break it down, take small goals, and will myself to accomplish them before I turn 25.

1. Attend a BlogHer conference // This awesome blogging conference is a hub of amazing talent and education. I wish I would have been prepared enough to go to this year's (which was in Chicago!).
2. Make a gluten-free beef wellington (successfully) // Maybe it's how I've been watching so many of Chef Gordon Ramsay's tv shows, but there's one thing he seems to love: a perfect beef wellington. It's really challenging but I want to try and tackle it!
3. Make beef bourguinon // I've been dying to create Julia Child's classic recipe.
4. Travel to at least 5 different states // Luis and I want to visit all 50, but I figure we can do at least 5 within the next years!

5. Volunteer for a cause or person that I find exciting // I want to do more volunteering in general!
6. Watch all of the IMDB top 250 movies // Maybe it's time that I expand what I define "a good movie."
7. Read top 25 novels of all time // I'll be following this list here. If there are any in the top 25 that I've already read, I'll choose another from the list to replace it. 
8. Go camping // And I'm talking roughin' it camping.
9. Go to a concert // There's a few bands that I would love to see.
10. Take a class just for fun // Cooking? Yoga? Web Design? Who knows!
11. Make French macarons // Almond flour is like 10 dollars for a small bag... so this is a special occasion goal!

12. Spend the night in Chicago // I hate that I live close to the city but rarely ever spend time downtown.
13. Spend the day at the historic Third Ward in Milwaukee // I fell in love with this place when we accidentally took the wrong exit on our way to the lakefront. It was a happy mistake. We weren't able to spend too much time there, so I want to set aside time to spend the whole day there.
14. Have dinner at Alinea restaurant in Chicago // It has three Michelin stars and chef Grant Achatz is a legend. This is a really pricey endeavor, so we'll see.
15. Buy a new camera // I've needed to do this for a while now. Why not make it official?
16. Go to Puerto Rico // It's where my hubby and his family are from so I've been wanting to visit for quite some time.
17. Take a trip to Canada // Ever since I went when I was 13, I've wanted to return.

18. Own a piece of Chanel clothing (or accessory)// This might not happen, but I would love it if it did!
19. Give money to a good cause // Pretty self-explanatory.
20. Go kayaking // I love kayaking with a passion. I eventually want to own a few... But we have a space issue at the moment. Hehe.
21. Find a new hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering // Find something new to love!
22. Spend a day at a spa // Facial... massage... the works!
23. Pay for someone else to spend the day at a spa // Facial... massage... the works!
24. Go to Yellowstone National Park // Yes, indeed.
25. Cook dinner for my grandparents // A small repayment for all the dinners they provided for me growing up!

I'm excited to see how many I'm actually able to accomplish. What about you? Share some of your bucket list items with me!


  1. That's a fantastic list! I keep looking at macaron recipes and want to attempt them.

  2. This is such a fun list! I think number twenty-two is my favorite though ;)

  3. Elise FredericksonJuly 3, 2013 at 7:20 PM

    My name is Elise, I just turned 25 (and have not done most of the 25 awesome things you listed, but now I want to), and your blog is darling, so I think we should be friends.

  4. Thank you! And that sounds perfect- I love new friends! :D


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