Tuesday, April 2, 2013

April's Three New Goals

 I love to make goals for myself, but sometimes I become far too ambitious and lose track of how to actualize my goals. I am a dreamer; always thinking up a new project or plan for my life. While I've always loved that I have so many desires and dreams, a dreamer needs a plan.
 I've found that setting day-to-day goals, or even monthly goals, help me get one step further to the "big picture" destination; I'll be honest, I'm still trying to figure out my big picture destination, but I want to remain active while I do. So, I'm going to do a monthly installment of my little mini-goals for each month and report back to you on the status of the previous month.

1. Increase my Etsy sales by 50%. How am I going to do that? I am planning on purchasing advertising space from Google as well as Etsy AND expanding the products I have in my shop. (Also, if any of you bloggers have any advice, please feel free to share it with me!)

2. Learn InDesign! I realize this will most definitely take me more time than just the month of April, but taking that first step is going to happen this month.

3. Finish the novel I am going to review at the end of this month. I had an author seek me out and ask me to read and review her book on my blog. I want to complete this by the end of the month to coincide with the novel's May release date. 

Here we go April!


  1. Oh, great goals! I hope it goes well all month!!! :)


  2. I'm excited to see what novel you are reading! I am graduating soon so I will finally have time to finish the many books I've started over the past few semesters but haven't had time to finish! I am so looking forward to reading more books as a postgrad :)

  3. Same here! I only needed 2 credits this semester, which was such a relief after the grueling schedule and workload I had last semester, so I've had much more time to read again. It's such a wonderful feeling!

  4. These are such great goals. I really need to make a goals list for April. I am so glad that I stumbled upon your blog. I love the design and your lovely posts. I am definitely going to be following you on Bloglovin and GFC. Happy Friday! xx. McKenna Lou



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