Friday, November 23, 2012

A Week in My Life: Week 26

I hope every single one of you had an amazing Thanksgiving yesterday! I certainly did. It's been a very relaxing week, but I did have one problem; as I'm sure some of you noticed, if you scroll down to my previous blog posts, almost all of them have no pictures. Yeah... I'm having a little problem. Bear with me. I'm trying to fix it. But for now, we're moving forward.

Here's what the past week looked like:

Luis and I bought our Christmas tree earlier this week and, yes, we bought it before Thanksgiving! 

Oh, and I may have taken my favorite childhood ornament from my parents' house when I moved out. 

One of the best things about Christmas: the lights!!

Last ornament photo, I promise... My cousins made these for me! 

So many apple peelings... I made mini apple pie cheesecakes for my family's Thanksgiving dinner.

Hmm... I'm beginning to think I should rename this post as "The Martinez' Decorate a Christmas Tree"... ;-)


He's so nice. He helped me tie the red bows, a tradition I carried into my own Christmas. My mom always had these on our tree. 

Kitty climbed up underneath our tree skirt. We couldn't find her until she dropped her tail. 

Penne rosa from Noodles and Co.!

Pan-fried tilapia with rosemary lime white butter sauce!

Whilst on the lookout for gluten-free beer, my best friend recommended hard cider because it's made from apples instead of wheat. 

I caught Kitty in her natural habitat of window gazing. I love this photo. 

My cousin wrote out a menu at Thanksgiving and placed one on each table. So cute. 

I really want snow to be here... at least for Christmas.

Enjoying family time!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Your week looks very much like mine! Minus the cute kitty, I don't have a kitty to call my own. But this week I also put up the tree and really cherished every old ornament from my childhood :)


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