Wednesday, November 21, 2012

DIY: Easy Facial Toner

You might want to keep a stash of this stuff in your cabinets. I started buying apple cider vinegar for its natural detoxification benefits but soon realized that it is associated with a myriad of other uses and benefits. It's practically a cure-all. The natural enzymes, minerals, and vitamins contained in the ACV rid your body of toxins and aid proper immune and digestive health. It's said that even Hippocrates treated his patients with this stuff in 400 B.C.

All that aside, though, and you find that ACV also alleviates many skin problems. The high acidity of the ACV balances your skin's pH balance. Your skin is the first defense against infections and other harmful elements and your pH balance is what protects your skin from those elements. In other words, it's all about the pH balance. 

ACV is a wonderful natural facial toner because it won't strip your skin of its natural barrier or oils like some of the harsh chemicals present in store-bought facial toners. ACV restores balance to your natural acidity and can even balance your skin tone. 

Instructions for Toner:
4 tbs Bragg's apple cider vinegar
1 1/2 tbs water (add 2 1/2 tbs if your skin is more on the dry side)
A bottle 

Simply mix the ACV with water in a bottle and shake gently to mix together. Use daily for best results; and don't worry, the vinegar smell will disappear when it soaks into your skin. 

See? Easy. 

Have a happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Does it sting or burn during the first few uses?

  2. I didn't find that it burned my skin. If I had an open wound (i.e. just popped a zit) there was a little acidity. But other than that, there wasn't any discomfort.


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