Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Week in My Life: Week 23

I had a really hectic week: Luis and I are moving, so it's been difficult to figure out which items should be packed and not packed too early and I underwent a medical procedure that knocked two days out of my week. So, this post will be rather short, but I forgot to blog at all last weekend, and I don't want to repeat that trend...

We had to get lots of huge bins to help in the packing. Our apartment looks a little crazy right now. 

This is one of the projects that I'm working on. I found some grungy brushes for Photoshop that I downloaded. I made this print the other day and had it ordered so I can hang it in our new apartment. 

Earlier this week I cooked a birthday dinner for my mom. My aunt hosted the dinner at her house and we had about ten people that I cooked for all-together. I was pretty nervous, but it turned out well. 

I love my aunt so much. She's so goofy! This was a preview of her Halloween costume= she was a "spa lady." It was awesome. 

I love the way Aunt Holly sliced the bread. Very easy to pop in the oven and toast it up. 

Maddie Mae: Aunt Holly's perfect Westie. We all love this dog. 

 I made some bean masala with fragrant yellow rice. It had a slight punch of spice, but it worked really well with the slightly sweet rice and tomatoes. Read more here.

Making my own chicken marinade. 

We bought a VGA cable so that we can watch movies and tv shows from our computer but it shows up on the tv (I know that was a horribly structured sentence... give me a break.) As you can see, Kiki REALLY loves it.

 Our own version of a Caprese salad. Deliciosity!

I now love cooking with Serrano chiles. They aren't extremely spicy, but add great flavor to bean or chicken dishes. 

A sample of another one of my mini projects. I found saw a photo like this in an online magazine. It's pretty cool because it has a Polaroid/vintage feel to it. I used the grunge brushes I mentioned earlier to create the fading around the edges of the black frame. 

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Moving can be a challenge, because of seasonal jobs and a move into a new apartment -and back after losing our jobs- we've fully moved a total of six times in less than five years. Y'all can DO IT!!! :D

    I love your print, I'm not religious in that way, but the grunge-y look and making something that is true to your heart is gorgeous!

    Also, both Maddie Mae and Kiki = total cuteness!

    1. Oh my gosh... you guys moved six times in less than five years!!? I would be totally exhausted!

      Thank you! I'm thinking about selling the print on Etsy with a few variations of inspirational quotes :) I saved the file so that the text can be changed. I also love the grunge look :D

  2. Moving?!?! Haha, in the last 5 years we have moved 5 times, and these happened in the first two years hahaha. So... I know how this feels!
    And Maddie Mae is too cute :).


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