Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Special: I Love Lists!

1. Have you heard The Instagram Song? I'm dying!
2. I received some Mighty Leaf tea in my Birchbox this month. It has quickly become one of my favorite brands. 
3. Fried guacamole? Hey, I'll try anything once.
4. What makes you happy? (Btw, the documentary is on Netflix!)
5. I think these are some of the cutest little stuffed animals I've ever seen!
6. Read this blog post about a married couple that packed up and roamed around Iceland! Awesome.
7. Tips on entertaining from The Everygirl.
9. Years later and I still love this song from Animal Collective.
10. A properly sarcastic (yet serious) "guide" on how to be friends with females.


  1. AH!!! I want Henry the Fox!!! And all of those stuffed animals really... I'm a big kid. ^_^ And the fox is one of my totem animals!

    1. Well then you have to get one! ;-) They were so cute, I couldn't not share!

  2. I'm off the checking out your selection of links.


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