Monday, July 2, 2012

Meandering Mondays: Around Here

This week was both a slow yet rejuvenating time for me and my blogging process. I reached over 1300 page views and five followers, which, for me, is pretty exciting!  In the wake of marking new territory, I decided to visually update my blog a little, which is what you see now. I loved the header that the amazing creators of A Beautiful Mess have for their personal blogs, so I decided to make my own rendition in Photoshop.
I've noticed that the longer you blog, the more your interests and focus changes in terms of what you actually want to post. I started this blog with the initial attempts at writing articles about things I know or love, but it ended up turning into something else entirely. Therefore, a blog name change was necessary (and I also figure it's more universally pronounceable...). 
All that being said, I hope that it is more visually pleasing than before (it is for me, certainly) and that your times passing through here are well spent. I now give you my new weekly post: Meandering Mondays.

On my reading pile
: Still reading Pride and Prejudice and other biographical works on Jane Austen. I'm also reading Modern Vintage Style, a decorating book that helps guide your journey through vintage styling (it steers you away from campy decorating). 

On my tv: Going to finish Twin Peaks at some point this week. That show is beyond frightening; I'm talking creepy people staring back at you through mirrors, their faces contorting, dark woods, insane spouses, and murdered high school students... I can't look away! My best friend and her hubby are watching Mad Men so I might start that show over. It's been a while.

On the menu this week: Monday: Leftovers. I might be called in to work tonight.
Tuesday: Probably pizza. I work until 9 on Tuesday...
Wednesday: Fourth of July cookout with the in-laws! 
Thursday: Chicken Lettuce Wraps with peanut sesame noodles
Friday: I might be heading to Arkansas for a wedding this weekend, at which point I won't be cooking.

On my to-do list: Get some more thesis reading done. That's my first priority this summer. Also decluttering some parts of the kitchen, working on Etsy jobs, and packing for Arkansas.

What I am creating: Continuing to work on DIY map cut-out of Zion to hang somewhere. I also had two customers purchase my wedding program design so I have to work on those.

Tips and Tricks: As s student whose degree is not really specific to any job other than teaching (I will have a degree in English) it's hard to know what I truly want to do professionally. This article from The Everygirl helps you start making those small steps to finding purpose to your life.

Looking around my house:  I cleaned everything yesterday so our little apartment is looking pretty darn tidy. My camera sits next to me, and my cat sleeps silently on a chair across the living room.

From the camera:  I noticed that my terrarium is doing really well. I potted this succulent in March and it has grown quite a bit. It loves that I keep it right under the lamp in our living room, so the constant light has been very beneficial to it. When I first potted it, it barely came out of the top. 


  1. My cat looks just like yours! Ahh, Jane Austen. Never will get old! :)

  2. I thought it was Happy Homemaker Monday cause the categories are the same LOL I was all excited you were joining in LOL

    Love your new look, really pretty :)

    1. I borrowed the basic format from the Happy Homemaker Monday and changed it just a tiny bit. I like how it helps you think out your week a little better! :) And thank you!

  3. Woah that's your plant from totally have a green thumb


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