Thursday, July 26, 2012

LOVE. Fashion Edition

Fashion both frustrates and inspires me. My style is constantly evolving into something different, and I am very easily drawn to the fashion senses of others. Before I started blogging, I very rarely went to the internet for fashion inspiration, relying mostly on magazines or what my friends or coworkers wear. That all changed when I started reaching into the "blogging community". There are so many incredibly stylish people out there! At first, it made my head spin, but now I think it's given me a more grounded (yet adventurous) sense of fashion. Above are some of my favorites! 

Apparently, fashion bloggers are really into Seychelles Footwear. I can see why. These booties are the perfect shoe for any season.
The Vamoose has really unique jewelry. I'm in love with the mixture of seed beads and round beads. Maybe a possible future DIY project. 
Confession: I saw this shirt on Pinterest, went to the website, and bought it... I really have a thing for sleeveless shirts lately. Then, when it gets cold, wear under a blazer :D
Can you believe I found that bag on Target's website?? I love everything about this: the one-shoulder strap, the chain detail, the clasp, the faux-leather. Stylish.
Also found on Target: sleek floral sunnies. Me gusta.
I love the simplicity of this bracelet!


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