Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Special: I Love Lists!

Today, I greet you from my couch where I sit sick, sniffly, surrounded by tissues and cough drops. This week has been full of events and errands, dinners and parties. My best friend of seventeen years got married yesterday! It was an amazing wedding, she was surrounded by friends and family and her loving, new husband! I don't know what happened, but in the hullabaloo of wedding-haps I got very sick and completely lost my voice... It was unfortunate.

So, Sunday is literally my day of rest. I don't have to work today so I plan on recuperating and drinking lots of tea and water. But first, let me bring you the top ten discoveries that the Internet has to offer!

1. I'm loving these ten free fonts! They make everything that much easier to look at!
2. Gotta love a good cocktail. I made these for Kelsey's bridal shower last week. It was a big hit!
3. These are on my Christmas wish list! Jane Austen hero magnets!
4. Homemade facial toner? I gotta try this.
5. This easy DIY project is on my list of things to do... I need to dress up my hamper.
6. What a perfect way to showcase your world travels. Luis and I will have to do this!
7. Cake batter blondies! Enough said...
8. This is the perfect cupcake recipe. The Nutella keeps it moist and frosts itself. Super easy.
9. My nod to Queen Elizabeth II's Jubilee celebration. Apparently the Queen doesn't like beige...
10. One of the most epic car-ride videos  EVER!

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