Friday, May 18, 2012

A Week in My Life: Week 3

This week has been an oasis in the desert of academia that is my life. My finals ended on Tuesday and, much to my surprise, I had a free day on Wednesday (a rare occasion I assure you)!

That being said, it's been a relatively slow week. I love slow weeks...

I met my best friend, Alyssa, in Kenosha to shop for our best friend's bachelorette party that's this weekend. I got to see her new, super awesome apartment, look through all of her kitchen cabinets, examine the size of her oven (jealous!) and make a mental note in my head of which kitchen gadgets and tools I need to update.

Photo by Heather Renee Photography
We shopped and shopped for bachelorette paraphernalia and laughed about some of the horrible decorations and games that people sell in the store (fuzzy handcuffs, hmm?). We got lots of candy and are going to set up a candy bar in the hotel room we all rented; I saw this idea on pinterest.

I loved this idea: people are going to want to snack and have something to tide them over before we go to dinner. Alyssa and I bought Red Hots, chocolates covered in candy coating, Twizzler bites, and other random candies. We also recruited people to bring pretzels, chips, and other savory snacks to feature.

I'm pretty excited. It's going to be a good weekend.

I also had the pleasure of testing out another recipe by Shutterbean. She posted an Angel Hair pasta recipe that sounded so amazing. I made it and then made it a second time, making sure to tweak it to fit our tastes. It was SO amazing. Luis, officially, deemed me "a great cook". Nice :D 

A closeup of my creation come to life. 

I think it's so sweet when my cat decides to stare out of our window, letting the breeze ruffle her fur. Sometimes she's a monster and refuses to STOP jumping up onto my open laptop and pressing all sorts of buttons as she gets comfy... But it's moments like these where she's being so sweet and calm that I can't help but capture. 

I was given an Iris flower by my Grandma this week. I went to visit her and ask her to hem some dresses I need to wear at two weddings this summer. She loves gardening and has a beautiful open backyard full of flowers. She cut one for me so I took it home and couldn't help photographing it's flower buds. 

I love the saturated purple that these flowers have. Gorgeous!

    •    my name is Elise Renee Martinez.
    •    childhood ambition was to work for the FBI... Also, I briefly wanted to be a lawyer for the Navy (I  was obsessed with the show JAG as a child...) Also, to travel.
    •    fondest memory most recently, the amount of time I've been able to spend with my best friends due to all the wedding happenings. We've lived apart for four years, so it feels great to have them home again. Overall fondest? Probably any Thanksgiving get-together with my family.
    •    soundtrack should be the entire Amelie soundtrack on repeat.
    •    retreat = books
    •    wildest dream to own a vintage boutique and/or photography business  And to travel the world with my husband/best friend :)
    •    biggest challenge is most certainly, without a doubt, the development of patience.
    •    I love the sound of walking on gravel. The crunch reminds me of the old Western films I used to watch with my Grandpa.
    •    perfect day involves a crab, lobster, and steak dinner. Yup.
    •    first job was my impromptu lemonade stands. Or when I decided to drag all my unwanted toys and set them up on a table at the end of my street and wait for cars to stop... I was 8. Only three people stopped. But it was fun :D
    •    indulgence: shopping or buying Essie nail polish
    •    last purchase was a new set of wine glasses. We'd broken most of ours...
    •    favorite movie is probably Pride and Prejudice, Amelie, or The Jane Austen Book Club
    •    inspiration: culture, cool websites, store windows, ikea, words, food, saffron, great books, beautiful music, dreams and hopes, God, magazines, photography, and many many other things.
    •    my life is blessed.
    •    my card is: a Consumer's Credit Union debit card. Why do you ask? But I've been thinking about getting a credit card... I have my apprehensions.

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