Saturday, May 19, 2012

Blogs I Love

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Lost in Travels

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MyFonts  - My go-to source for new fonts
Behance - A great site to find inspiration and see what other designers are doing.
Design-Seeds - Sample color palettes to use for inspiration.
Gaute Michel Ferstad - Easy and concise videos on the basics of HTML.
Alex Beadon- This entrepreneur has incredible advice on improving your blog as a business. She also includes photoshop tutorials and blog layout critiques. I watch her videos religiously.
Google Analytics - If you are serious about growing your blog, Google Analytics gives you the info and feedback you need to do it. It tracks views, traffic, viewer behavior, and your earnings.
Check Browser Compatibility for you blog- see how it looks in different browsers.
Nicole's Classes- Free tutorials galore!
IFTTT - Put the internet to work for you. It helps you market your blog. 

List is subject to changes and additions!

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