Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Week in My Life

I hope that your Spring has actually been..well, springlike, because it hasn't really been that way around my neck of the woods. Today is one of the first days where we've had consistent sun! Now, I'm just waiting for the weather to heat up!

We moved out of our apartment earlier in April. I became aware of how insane cats get around boxes. They. must. jump. in. all. of. them.

Enjoying the rare sunshine. April and early May are very rainy around here.

This, my dear friends, is comfort food at its finest. Ok maybe not, but it's pretty darn close. Behold, the roasted broccoli and cheddar baked potato (the potato skin has been rolled in salt before baking, which makes the skin nice and tasty).

Kitties exploring the back porch. They're also obsessed with the fact that we now have a basement.

 My hubby and I moved into a house in Wisconsin and I love that I see Lake Michigan when I walk to the end of the street we live on.

Some more scenes of where we live. Life is beautiful! Now all we need is a boat... Just kidding! 

Have a beautiful week!

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