Thursday, December 5, 2013

Love and Tannenbaum

After two days of the most depressing December weather (rain and dense fog...), the sun is out again and the air has that crisp feel to it.

I love mornings that start slowly; where I can take my time and really wake up. There's no where to rush off to immediately and I can make myself a cup of tea and read in bed for a little bit. It might be just me, but I'm instantly 100% more happy when I am able to do that.

Today's December photo challenge photo is to take a picture of something green. I'm trying not to take the prompts too literally, but it's hard not to take pictures of your tree. I love seeing it in my living room! My kitties were given an early Christmas gift of catnip, so I captured a picture of Beeboo playing with hers. When we first adopted Beeboo, she was so unfriendly. She bristled and ran away when we'd try to pet her and she'd only come around when she wanted food. We even had a standing appointment to return her to the shelter because she was SO crazy hyper (ruining our blinds and chewing on our cables and wires). We live in a tiny apartment so it was not something we wanted to put up with. But when they day came for us to take her back, it was like she knew what we were about to do. We looked and her and she looked back and we just couldn't do it. Ever since then, she's completely changed. It's the weirdest thing. Animals are incredibly perceptive.

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