Saturday, August 24, 2013

Around Here...

Things are good.

Last night, Luis and I went on a "date" to an incredible place called Lucille's Piano Bar and Grill in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's other name is "home of the dueling pianos." I don't think I had this much fun in a long time! There's something universally satisfying about the whole dinner-and-a-show concept. Another plus: they had gluten-free burgers. Score!

Sometimes my Martha Stewart side rears its head and comes out full force. This week has been one of those weeks. I'm finally getting a handle on gluten-free baking (it has taken me almost a full year and countless failed attempts) and I don't know if I got slap happy, but I've been churning out one baking project after another... One thing I always loved about Fall was the zucchini bread my mom would make. She would pull it from the oven, and out would waft the beautiful scent of warm cinnamon and nutmeg. Is there anything like it? I finally mastered a gluten-free version today.

I got really inspired by Merrick's post on re-vamping her closet and decided to tackle my own. I have a tiny closet so one of the things I've been struggling with was where to store all of my shoes. I have far too many than my little closet can contain, but I think I found a solution. Before, I didn't store any of my shoes inside the closet; they would be under the bed or under my husbands dresser (that stands off of the floor). So, I removed all of my boxes and random storage items off of the shelf and relocated them into another storage closet. When I organized my shoes on the shelf and on the desk I moved into the closet, our room looked so much less cluttered.

It's the little things that make life so special, no?


  1. I love these photos, they are all so beautiful. It sounds like you had a lovely date night and is that a gluten-free banana loaf? Looks good ;)

    Just popping over from The Collective and now following you on GFC

    Laura x

  2. I went through some things this weekend so that my room would be a little more organized. I managed to pull out a bag full of items that I don't need. Now I have to make sure that I don't replace it with more junk. Hope you have a great day.



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