Saturday, March 2, 2013

Birthday Tea at Infinitea

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! My mother-in-law took me to one of our favorite spots: Infinitea. It's a gourmet food and tea restaurant in Antioch, Illinois. They serve everything from gluten-free cakes to the most amazing teas and everything in between. 

We got their "Royal Treatment" tea sampler which featured four courses of tea and tea-foods. The first course included a rooibos tea called Sweet Sin. It was perfect! The tea was accompanied with gluten free Orange Currant scones, clotted cream and jams. The second course included a green tea called Cranberry Rose green. As you can see, there were baby rosebuds in the tea leaves! It was served with a cup of garden vegetable soup. 

The third course was my favorite! They served an oolong formosa tea (which apparently is the "champagne of teas") with tea sandwiches. The gluten-free bread they served was incredible! It's a brand called Goodbye Gluten. Luckily, they sell it at a grocery store in Vernon Hills. My favorite sandwich was the cucumber dill spread. 

 The fourth course was the dessert course. I wasn't expecting to be given any cake or bread-based desserts, but we were pleasantly surprised when they plopped down a beautiful piece of raspberry vanilla cake!

My mom-in-law gave me a book that I've been craving for a very long time. I am so excited to get my hands dirty in soft almond flour and pop out some beautiful macarons. Haha. I am so nerdy. 

So, we left filled to the brim with wonderful flavors and great tea. We bought a few of the flavors that we sampled and I'm currently drinking a rooibos called Old Love. If you are ever in the area, stop by Infinitea! I promise you will leave very satisfied! 


  1. Belated Birthday Elise !!! Loved your smile. you look like bollywood star preety zinta ( Google her image if you dont know her :-p)Foods looks so yummy ...i am craving for them !

    cheers !

  2. Haaappy birthday lady!

    Nothing beats tea and tea-foods, but I am British so I might be biased.

    I look forward to photos of tasty looking macarons!

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like it was a perfect day!

    I keep hearing about everyone going to tea houses, I'm going to have to find one in my area. Looks like a great way to spend an afternoon with Mom or girlfriends.

  4. Thank you everyone :) I've been obsessed with tea since I was very young (thanks to an English friend I made at school) so it was the perfect way to spend my birthday :)

  5. Looks like fun! Happy belated Birthday! I can't wait to see pics of the macarons you make. Good luck- I hear they can be difficult.

  6. I think I'm going to go buy that tea today, I love it since you shared yesterday =]

  7. Belated happy birthday, Elise! You look like you had so much fun and your hair!!!! So gorgeous! <3

    Kisty of The Style Mermaid


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