Saturday, February 2, 2013

20 Great Home Goods

 When Luis and I moved this past November, we were moving out of an apartment that had come furnished, into one that was not furnished. I was unbelievably happy because the furniture that was in our old place was God-awful. Like, hadn't been updated since '78... 
Moving into a place without furniture was like a clean slate. We could fill it with pieces that mattered to us and expressed our style and personality. We're still definitely a work in progress, but I wanted to share a few of my favorites with you!

 One of my favorite places to be in my apartment is in my kitchen. It's a space all to my own where I can make delicious food and let my culinary creativity grow. As a result, I'm always updating my utensils and tools. I definitely need to get myself a pair of those herb scissors, and how amazing does wine ice cream sound??

2. The Flavor Bible - $21.28
3. Herb Scissors - $12.95
4. Wine Ice Cream - $7.95

Our bedroom is the one place we can retire to that allows us to leave the world behind. I love the dreamy Botanic print by AshleyG, and the IKEA bowl is a perfect place to discard my jewelry, bobby pins, and lip balm. I love the clean look of the woven hamper, and I'm currently on the lookout for one.

2. Botanic Print- $20 
3. Yngaren Bowl - $6.99
4. Typha Hamper- $59

When it comes to the bathroom, the operative term is "clean;" clean lines, clean decoration, clean surfaces. However, clean doesn't exclude the possibility for vibrant colors or texture. The IKEA woven box set is the perfect place to hide cotton balls and other paraphernalia; and how cute is that green trash can? 

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  1. So many good items! I can definitely sense your style from all of these! The coffee table is so gorgeous, with an industrial edge. The kitchen is my favorite place in my apartment too!


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