Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome, 2013!

Happy New Years Eve! While most of us will be partying or spending time with friends and family, it's also a time for reflection; reflection on last year's New Years resolutions, how many were kept and how many were forgotten the following week; reflection on our mistakes, failures, successes, and met goals. We look forward with a sense of hope that this year will be different, and it usually is; perhaps just not the way you imagined it. 

For me, 2013 excites and frightens me. There are many new opportunities on the horizon for me that I am excited to tackle. 

But for now, I wanted to do a review of 2012. This was a year of discovery for me; I discovered how much strength I actually have; I discovered talents that hadn't yet been explored; I discovered a completely new side of myself. It's been a great year, and here's to the next one! 


January was a slow month for us. It was cold and we stayed indoors. I worked on my coursework, and our kitty, as always, tried to distract me. 


In February, I discovered a love of indoor gardening. I say "indoor gardening" because I live in an apartment and outdoor gardening is near impossible. Luis bought me this Hypoestes plant for Valentine's Day. It's still thriving today!


March was a great month for us! Luis and I started walking to the lakefront each morning for exercise. We live less than a mile from Lake Michigan and loved taking advantage of the increasingly warmer air. Also, in March I was awarded a prestigious scholarship from the Chair of the Carthage English department for Honor's Convocation. It was very special! In addition to all of that, March is the month in which I started my blog!


 April was bridal shower month. My two best friends both had their showers during April; I ate a lot of cookies and wore lots of dresses... More than usual anyway. It was so wonderful seeing them open gifts and be blessed by family and friends. I was very excited for them! We also threw Kelsey an Up-inspired bridal shower!


 Likewise, May was full of bridal events, this time the bachelorette parties! I made bra and panty cookies for one of the parties, and set up a candy bar for the other. 


 My best friends' weddings were two weeks apart from one another, so June was very hectic for all of us! Despite that, both weddings were beautiful- tears were shed, futures were toasted, and dances were danced. 


The beginning of the month meant a celebration of Independence Day! Luis and I spent most of the day with his parents, grilling outdoors, and attending an Americana bandstand concert later in the evening. The rest of the month was slow and relaxing- a perfect summer month. My family from Colorado came to visit. It's always wonderful to see them!


In August, Luis and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary! My mother graciously hosted a little celebration get-together where we cut into the last layer of our wedding cake. It was very special. The rest of the month wasn't so pleasant. I got very sick and recovered in just enough time to start school again in September. 


I started classes again in September and began a very grueling semester. In addition, we took a long weekend and headed up to Door County, Wisconsin, for a belated anniversary celebration. It was amazing- great food, beautiful scenery, wineries, and whatever we could fit in! We went sailing, parasailing, and took a haunted ghost tour. Hehe. 


I spent most of my time on campus, working on my senior thesis. We also celebrated my mom's birthday! I cooked dinner for ten people! It was great. I'm very thankful to have my mom in my life!


November was a big month for me! I went gluten-free at the beginning of the month! I have stuck with it since then and I already notice an improvement. I am less tired, I don't get nightly headaches anymore, and a myriad of other problems have improved. 
I kept writing away at my thesis! 
Luis and I moved into a new apartment in November. I am enjoying the slow process of decorating and curating our little place. 


My thesis paper was due this month. Not only did I have to turn in a hard copy, but I also had to present it to the faculty. I'm SO glad to have gotten through that. 
We celebrated Christmas with both of our families. Luis and I genuinely had a beautiful holiday season this year! We're so excited about the upcoming year!


  1. Love March's photo! Also look at you and your tree in December!

    I wish you (and your blog) all the very best for 2013.

  2. Great photos, you had quite a year and I can't wait to see what is coming up for you in 2013 :)

  3. Happy 2013! Looks like 2012 was full of lovely things (two weddings back to back!) and I hope the same for you in 2013!

  4. YOU ARE SO CUTE and I cannot even stand it! How adorable is your haircut!?!? I loved the recap. Happy 2013!


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