Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Week in My Life: Week 47

 I'm trying to take breakfast more seriously these days. Baked avocado and egg with a (heaping) side of pico de gallo. Perfect for the cold weather!

I love the look and feel of dried red lentils. But they turn a mushy, weird, brown color when you cook them. 

Luis had to spend the weekend in the city for business and I was able to tag along. We stayed in the InterContinental Hotel (on the 22nd floor, much to the dismay of my elevator-afraid self) but the view was beautiful! I love how the buildings look against one another.

Neither of us could remember the last time we were able to spend time downtown, so we decided to go ice skating in Millennium Park.  Let me tell you, watching this guy try to skate was HILARIOUS. But he eventually got the hang of it!

We also ate at the restaurant below The Bean. They had amazing food! I ordered Chilaquiles with Carne Asada and eggs.

We hopped in Macy's (Marshall Field's) to see the tree in The Walnut Room on the 8th floor. It was so beautiful this year! 

I hope you have a beautiful week filled with great food and family!

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