Thursday, January 3, 2013

DIY: Raspberry Brown Sugar Scrubs

This year, I have decided to be more crafty. It's a pretty simple statement, but it's not a simple task. I want to round out my blog this year by adding more; more than what I would usually post. That being said, I am a massive fan of all things DIY; they are usually cost-effective, very personal, and that much more special because you took the time to create it yourself. 

Well, I love anything that has remotely to do with skincare or skin health. I almost always have a scrub in my shower because of the great skin benefits that come from using a scrub regularly. The abrasion of the sugar (or whatever is in your scrub) increases cell turnover and circulation, allowing your skin to recover and rejuvenate throughout the day or overnight. It's so easy, I see no reason why I shouldn't be doing this daily.

I made my first scrub about a month ago and loved how it made my skin feel so soft after use! Another feel-good about this: it's homemade with natural ingredients, so you're not rubbing chemicals into your skin. It's perfect for people with sensitive skin (like me!). All you need are: a glass container, brown sugar, olive oil (or another type of your favorite oil), and raspberry extract (although this is optional, I added the extract for scent purposes).

 I mixed three parts sugar to one part oil. I prefer my scrubs to be more sugar than oil, but you can always adjust it if you find it to be too dry.

 Scoop it into the container and seal. See? Extremely easy. I ended up making a large amount of these for Christmas gifts this year. It took one 17 fl. oz. bottle of oil and almost two bags of brown sugar.

Here are some ways I use my scrubs: 
On my neck to increase cell turnover (your neck is one of the most noticeable areas of aging)
I apply a scrub to my legs before shaving (it raises the hairs even more to achieve a closer shave)
On my elbows, knees, and heels (that should be obvious...)

Have fun! Check out some of my favorite natural skincare products below!


  1. Im in love with this!

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    1. I dont' yet have an FB page for my blog, but I liked your page from my personal account :)

  2. Great DIY!!!
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    xoxo Marika

  3. I love brown sugar scrubs all over my body and even lips. This looks so pretty.

  4. I love DIYs! And I never used a scrub before.. but you totally have me convinced! I think I will have to make this because I could definitely use some benefits of skin rejuvenation :)

  5. I used to buy a brown sugar scrub that I really loved but I haven't been able to find it since. I'm really excited to try this one!


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