Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Ever since August left us quietly, I've been buzzing with excitement over the coming Fall season. September is here! For many of you, it's still really hot and humid out there; maybe it's raining and storming where you are. Either way, by the end of this month, the weather is sure to embrace its seasonally chilly weather. I, for one, and getting prepared! 

1. I was given this Anthropologie perfume for my birthday this year and fell in love with it! I don't normally like the scent of Roses in my perfumes because it's often too heady, but Happ & Stance got it just right. It's light, airy, and just sweet enough. 

2. This Eyeko liquid eyeliner came in one of my Birchboxes. I love how easy it is to apply, and it gives a great, precise line and wing tip.

3. I adore this Sosie dress! It can be worn just as it is during the spring and summer; to make it more fall and winter friendly, simply throw on a blazer or cardigan, and opaque tights with boots. I'm keeping my eye on this one.

4. I don't normally like sweaters like this one from Ruche, but something about the way it's draped caught my eye. It looks like something I could easily pair with black skinny jeans and be done with it. So easy. 

5. I just bought these black booties from Target this weekend. I have literally never worn a wedge that was so incredibly comfortable.

6. What else is there to say about this Anthropologie bag?? It's classic, trim, and an obvious wardrobe staple.


  1. I just smelled that perfume at anthro a couple weeks ago, and fell in love! I even made Jack smell it. You have great taste, my love.


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