Monday, August 6, 2012

Meandering Mondays: Around Here

I know that I forgot to do my usual Sunday post, but I worked extremely long hours and, frankly, was too exhausted to do anything other than sleep by the time I got home. I am not sure what happened, but it seems like my life has gotten so much busier in the last week. It's a good thing. I'm glad that I am being productive! 

On my reading pile: "From Plate to Pixel" by Helene Dujardin. It's an incredible book about food photography and food styling. Very inspiring!

On my tv: Probably won't be watching much tv this week...

On the menu this week: 

Monday: Garlic parmesan crusted chicken with roasted asparagus and tomatoes with mozzerella.
Tuesday: Penne puttanesca (with chicken for Luis...)
Wednesday: Won't be able to cook today= evening shift.
Thursday: Red wine, mushroom, and tomato ragu pasta.
Friday: Evening shift again...
Saturday: Honey glazed baked chicken with toasted couscous with mango and zucchini.

On my to-do list: Grocery shopping, cleaning, meeting with a potential client about a job, work, selling textbooks online, and much more.

What I am creating: I won't be very crafty this week :( Just finishing up the project that I started for our anniversary photo shoot. 

Tips and Tricks: Make a lemon honey facial mask to improve your skin's quality. "Lemon’s citric acid closes pores and keeps skin’s PH levels in check, while honey’s nutrients add an antibacterial factor to zap zits and add moisturize to your skin. I've been putting honey on my face a lot recently and I love how soft it makes my skin.

Looking around my house: Luis just got home from work. We're doing our grocery list and talking about our busy week ahead.

From the camera: This is a sweet potato cream pasta with crispy kale this past week so here is a preview of it! I am going to write about it later this week.

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