Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everyday Styling Routine

Hello all! Today I am finally bringing you a post that I've planned on posting for some time, but had other posts I wanted to put out first. I'm definitely no makeup pro, but over the years (many, in fact) I've learned a few things that have developed into my everyday routine that I believe works best for my features and skin type, etc. 
My first attempts at makeup were all wrong. Think frosted blue eyeshadow, too much eyeliner in all the wrong places, and no foundation. It was bad. I didn't realize it at the time though. Eventually, I amended my ways and now have what you see here. My job sometimes requires me to talk to customers about makeup, and even apply it for them, and I find that many people approach makeup with negative connotations. They don't want to touch it because they either don't know what to do with it, or think they'll look crazy wearing it.
I wanted to have little tutorial type post showing that it's very simple! 

These are the products I use daily, for going to school or work. If my day requires less of me, then I may not use all of these. But on an average day this is what I wear. From the top going clockwise around, I wear an eyeshadow quad in Urban Basics by Covergirl; the black tube is liquid eyeliner from Maybelline; my favorite mascara: Volume Express; blush in natural rose (it took me YEARS to find the right blush for my skin color); my eyelash curler; Covergirl Advanced Radiance foundation in Ivory; and Covergirl pressed powder in classic beige. 

This is my first step. Before I do anything I apply moisturizer. I use Nivea Soft: it's the only moisturizer that doesn't make me feel greasy or break out. Then I follow by applying about a dime-sized dollop of foundation on a sponge. 

Apply your foundation starting in the middle of your face and move upwards and out. You need less foundation on the edges of your face, and this will reduce the possibility of your face looking a different color than your neck, making your entire look more natural. 
 The powder step is possibly the most important step. Right after you finish applying liquid foundation, seal it in by applying pressed (or loose) powder to the entire face, focusing on the T-zone (the area that includes your forehead, down to your nose and chin). Then you can follow by applying concealer if you need to do spot treatments.

My next step is to apply my eyeshadow. I recommend using a brush or eyeshadow applicator to apply your eyeshadow. If you use your fingers, the oil from our fingers makes the eyeshadow fade more quickly. 

Above is the mascara I use. It took me years to find a good, solid mascara, and now that I have I refuse to use anything else. People always ask me which product I use because it just makes your lashes long and defined. I apply mascara to my top and bottom lashes, but the amount you put on is completely up to you. Some want more, some want less. Also, for extra oomph, curl your lashes first before applying mascara. 
Not pictured: Maybelline Stiletto Liquid Liner. I follow my mascara by lining my upper eyelid, drawing it into a think cat eye at the end. That part is optional. Again, it depends on how defined you prefer your eyes to be. 

Finish the look by applying blush to the apples of your cheeks, sweeping the brush back to finish at the cheekbones. My final step is applying some lip color. I use Mary Kay's Berry Kiss. Right now, I prefer berry tones for my lip color, but this is where you can really experiment! 

 And this is the final outcome! I've tried to post links to the products I use so you can acquire more information. What are some of your favorite tips and tricks? Any products that you can't live without?

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