Monday, July 22, 2013

A Week in My Life: Week 29

I'm sorry for getting this out so late... But here's what the past week looked like:

My week last week started off with a trip to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. I saw everything from tobacco plants to this little number above (whose name I don't remember, sadly). Beautiful.

Brie is my favorite snack at the moment. It goes with anything!

That moment when mutual grooming turns deadly... (not really so much).

Taking a moment to enjoy the small stuff. I also look like I'm wearing no pants...

One morning this week I was woken up by my hubby with a card and some flowers. He's pretty great :D

She's wondering why I'm taking a picture of her...

I love this picture of my mom. They were letting me raid their large garden! I left with some ancho chili peppers, swiss chard, butter lettuce, basil, and zucchini. 

Speaking of which, these are zucchini flowers which apparently are tasty friend and stuffed. I kind of want to try it...

What does your week look like? 

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