Friday, May 10, 2013

Sometimes I Embarrass Myself...

It feels like forever since I've been blogging, and I have to say, I've hated it. I'm having issues with my card reader and haven't been able to upload any photos at all. Since I don't like to create posts without any of my own photos, I haven't been posting at all. However, I'm going to look at it as a way to break out of my blogger "comfort zone" and do something different.

I've been really strapped for time these past few weeks: I'm graduating in a week and a half and starting a new full-time job two days after that. My life has been in flux for most of this month. But I've been really enjoying the posts from bloggers participating in the Blog Every Day in May challenges and I wanted to hop in, even though we're already ten days in.

Today's prompt is to share your most embarrassing moment(s). Lucky for me, most of them happened in my adolescence and have therefore become funny stories that I look back on fondly...

I was in the sixth grade, at the ripe ol' age of 12, and was super thrilled to be a part of our school play, The Emperor's New Clothes. I didn't have a major part at all, in fact, I was only one of the many students whose role was to merely stand around and look occupied. I was the definition of an extra. Either way, our little middle school hadn't done anything like that before and all my friends wanted to be in it, so I decided to join too.

We were instructed to wear all black, so I showed up with a sweater, a long skirt, and a pair of flip flops (remember the days where if you didn't own a pair of those then you were uncool by default??). Yeah... I showed up in flip flops. The show went on without a glitch and since it was the closing night, we had planned to present the director with a bouquet of flowers after the play ended. We all bowed and filed off stage. However, someone stepped on my shoe and ended up breaking the latch that keeps your foot in contact with the sole.

In all the commotion back stage, I desperately tried to fix my shoe because I had been somehow designated as the person who was to give our director the flowers. No one would switch shoes with me, and before I knew what was happening, it was time to give our director the bouquet. A student thrust them into my hands and I was forced to go back out on stage. I ended up hobbling/dragging my foot as I walked so as to at least keep the shoe on my foot. I must have looked like Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre Dame... It took me twice as long to reach the middle of the stage and I'm sure everyone in the back of the gym could hear the shuffling sound that my flip flop made as I dragged it along the stage. I handed her the bouquet and chose to stay put. So, as she was being congratulated, I was this awkward 12 year old just standing next to her as people clapped. I'm sure my grandma has the whole thing on video somewhere... I kind of want to track that footage down.

Flip flops were not the best shoe choice for someone who has a history of being incredibly awkward and goofy. In the photo above, you can see another one of my proud moments where I accidentally dropped my best friend's flip flop into the lake. I also look very awkward...

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  1. haha, aw! i know how you feel though, i embarrass myself all the time. it's probably best to just laugh about it ^^


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