Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Week in My Life: Week 10

Here's what the past week looked like:

I unintentionally got Luis hooked on rooibos tea. We've been drinking copious amounts of it mostly because it tastes amazing, but it also has a ton of health benefits

There's nothing more refreshing than dill, cucumber, and cream cheese.

 I was able to recreate the Indian dish that Luis and I had while in Florida. I made murgh makhani (butter chicken) and bund gobi and mater (cabbage and peas). It was incredible. I'm making it again this week.

Carmelized baked plantains with homemade whipped cream! 

I'm really excited about Prabal Gurung for Target! The prices are great and I love the shoes in the collection. Had to get myself a pair.

Luis and I decided to go on a mini road trip this weekend. We drove north into Wisconsin and the across the state to the Mississippi River on the Wisconsin/Iowa border.

While driving, we stopped to get some gourmet popcorn. We got a tub of dark chocolate covered popcorn with a hint of sea salt.

It was slightly rainy so we couldn't do much hiking or exploring, but we were able to walk around a little. 

We love seeing the vast differences in landscape when you travel to a different part of the state. Illinois and Wisconsin are flat on the eastern side, but as you head west, it gets borderline mountainous. 

This is the Mississippi river on the Wisconsin/Iowa border completely covered in snow. There were quite a few people ice fishing out here. 

I love the darkness of the trees against the white snow and hazy sky.

Have a beautiful week!


  1. Mmmm, butter chicken is something I've been wanting to try!!! Also, I love both pairs of shoes, though I especially love the black and pink sneakers. I had a pair so similar from Airspeed and I'd love another. :D Great shots from your week!!!


    xo Kisty

  3. That's a long road trip! So nice though to spend quality time with your beau!


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