Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Favorite Holiday Movies

I cannot believe how quickly the month of December has gone by. Perhaps it's because of how hectic life became at the beginning of the month. Today is one of the first days I've been able to have completely to myself without any hint of guilt. 

Either way, today has been a much needed dose of relaxation. On top of that, it snowed for the first time today! Now that the evening is upon me, I heated up some hot chocolate, made a few snacks, and I'm ready to settle down for a movie (or two). Here are some of my favorite holiday movies:

1. Elf- Come one, who doesn't love this movie? One of my favorite scenes is when Buddy attacks the "fake Santa," ripping off his beard in front of a host of shocked children, forever ruining their perceptions of dear old Santa Claus. Well done, Buddy. Also, when he gives his dad the gift "for that special someone." Classic! 

2. The Holiday- I know, I can sense your judgement and eye rolling from here, but allow me to explain. I love movies where there is traveling involved. The two main characters, Amanda and Iris, switch houses, cars, everything for two weeks during the holiday season, to vacation in each others homes. The change of scenery causes them to resolve their internal conflicts (Amanda with her emotional suppression, Iris gains some gumption) and find love in the process. Predictable plot, yet something keeps me coming back time and again.

3. The Nutcracker Prince- This one's an oldie but a goodie! For me, this movie brings back a host of childhood warm and fuzzies. I'd watch this movie with my little brother each Christmas, literally every year with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies. I found it on YouTube last year and I'm resolved to keep the tradition alive!

4. Home Alone- I never grew up watching this movie during Christmas, but my husband did. It's now been added to the list of Martinez Christmas movie favorites. Gotta love a little kid fending off burglars with a little hijinks. 

5. The Polar Express- I love this movie. It makes me feel like a kid again. It amazingly captures the innocence of a child and reminds you of the excitement and special nature of Christmas. 

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas- Charlie, with typical pessimism, is repulsed by the commercialization of Christmas and sets out to find the real meaning. Great music, sweet film. 

7. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the cartoon version)- I have nothing against the Jim Carrey version, but I find myself preferring the cartoon! I always get hungry when he carves the "roast beast". 

8. A Christmas Story- remember, you'll shoot your eye out, kid!

9. The Nightmare Before Christmas-  This movie is simultaneously a Christmas movie and a Halloween movie. I happen to watch it on both holidays. Jack Skellington is the man!

10. Le Père Noel est Une Ordure- this French Christmas film is by far the funniest movie I have ever seen. The movie follows two inept individuals who attempt to run an anti-suicide calling hotline from their apartment. They end up encountering all sorts of crazy scenarios and the ending of the movie was so grotesque and hilarious. 

What are some of your favorite Christmas movies??


  1. I only saw Elf for the first time this week, can you believe it? It was much sweeter than I expected. Will Ferrell is a great actor (Stranger than Fiction, anyone?) so it's a shame when he does goofy movies because I pre-judged Elf, and that was wrong of me.

    Also, check out The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. I grew up with that movie. It's a very British Christmas movie.

    1. I'm glad you've seen Elf, though! It really is a sweet movie :) I will check out The Snowman! I Googled it and it looks very cute and perfectly Christmas-y.

  2. I love this list! Home Alone is a true classic, Nightmare Before Xmas makes me feel like a little I'd, and The Holiday is so romantic!

  3. Elf and Home Alone are definite favourites! I also love The Santa Clause, I think it's hilarious. I watched Tangled for the first time this christmas too - not exactly a christmas movie but I loved it all the same :) xx


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