Friday, September 14, 2012

Love: Home Edition

I'm a decorating schizophrenic. My style changes so often, that something I absolutely couldn't live without 6 months ago now seems outlandish and dated. It's very frustrating. That's why I love these posts so much: they allow me to dream without the commitment. Maybe I'm actually just tapping into a dangerous, toxic, materialistic part of my brain... Yeah, probably. Either way, I enjoy seeing what's out there; the different styles, artwork, household decorating items, there's so much! Here are some of my recent favorites.

1. This is a settee (from West Elm!), which means that it's smaller than a couch, but still great for lounging. Perfect for small spaces!
2. Words cannot describe how much I'd love to throw this shower curtain up in my bathroom. I'm really into geometric shapes and motifs right now...
3. Inversely, I'm also really into vintage-y gold lamps.
4. Who doesn't love KitchenAid counter-top mixers? An eternal classic.
5. I think that this is the single-most amazing pillow I've ever seen.


  1. That settee is really pretty!!! I'm all for comfort... Some couches, loveseats, etc. look nice, but also seem downright uncomfortable. Not so with that one! Especially with a few throw pillows. ^_^

    And number 3 is charming!!!

    Great finds, Elise!

    1. Thank you! I agree... there's nothing more disrupting than an uncomfortable couch or seat :-/ To me, that settee seemed like it had an even amount of comfort :)

  2. That couch is really beautiful, I love it, my home office is a couch.


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